What’s new in Taya? on 5th Anniversary!

  1. New Date for Japanese Cooking Class: 15/01, 19/02, 27/03 Sundays from 11:00 to 14:30.  (Min 5 persons)
  2. 20¢ charge for paper bag & chopsticks for takeaway from October; Please bring your own.
  3. 5% discount if you bring your own Bento box for takeaway
  4. Taya 3-Gänge Menu
    • Vegan Taya Menu  19.50€ (vegane Vorspeise +any vegan Main Course + Mochi)
    • große Taya Menu   19.50€ (Vorspeise + Misosuppe + großses Bento)  22.500€ (Sakana/Kombi Bento)
    • Don Taya Menu      19.50€ (Vorspeise + Curry/Udon/Donburi  + Mochi)    22.50€ (Ramen / Kaiaisen Poke Don/Katsu Curry/Katsu Don as main course)
    •  3 Gänge Taya Menu 24.50€ (Vorspeise + Kombi Bento/Tonkatsu Bento + Nachspeise)

TAYA Japanese Cooking Class: Reserve on-line order (90€, min 5 max 7 persons)

NEW TELEPHONE Number 01-212-9769


TAYA RAMEN is Back!  Vegan Shio Ramen / Clear Shoyu Ramen / Creamy Miso Ramen  (dine-in only /not for takeaway)

Try Taya’s new Bubble Tea to quench your thirst in this hot summer weather!

Opening Hours

Tue- Sat 12:00 – 15:00 // 17:00 – 20:30 (kitchen close at 20:00)

closed on Sunday, Monday & Public Holidays

We offer delivery service with the same price and same quality through Mjam and Lieferando within 2.2km.

You can hire Uber taxi for delivery to your home!

TAYA Ramen Cooking Class

Group lesson from 5 persons)

90 Euro per person/lesson

Please request a date via email to

Thin-sliced Pork (frozen) 500g8

Thin-sliced Sukiyaki Beef (frozen) 500g12

Yumenishiki ゆめにしき premium white rice 5㎏20

Yumenishiki ゆめにしき premium white rice 5㎏20

Vegan Shio Ramen13.90

Clear Shoyu Ramen13.90

Creamy (Gyu-Kotsu) Miso Ramen14,90


Agi-Tama Seasoned Boiled Egg2,00

Vegan Poke Salat6,90

Yasai Gyoza6,90

Tori-Kara fried Chicken 3p4,00

Vegan Teriyaki Tapas7,90

Gohan White or Mixed Rice2.50

Tofu Nuggets5,90

Tori Kara (Fried Chicken)

Tori Kara (Fried Chicken)6,90

Buta (Pork) Gyoza6,90

Ebi (Shrimp) Gyoza7,90

Miso Suppe 味噌汁3,90

Yasai (Vegetarian) Curry

Yasai (Vegetarian) Curry10,90

Tori (Chicken) Curry

Tori (Chicken) Curry11,90

Katsu (Pork Cutlet) Curry

Katsu (Pork Cutlet) Curry14,90

Yasai (Vegan) Udon

Yasai (Vegan) Udon10,90

Niku (Beef) Udon

Niku (Beef) Udon12,90

Yasai (Veggie) Onigiri2,90

Sakana (Fish) Onigiri3,40

Unagi Bento うなぎ弁当29,50

Tonkatsu Bento とんかつ弁当

Tonkatsu Bento とんかつ弁当16,90

Sashimi Bento 刺身弁当24,90

Vegan Poke Don ビーガンポキ丼10,90

Gyu-Don 牛丼

Gyu-Don 牛丼11,90

Katsu-Don カツ丼

Katsu-Don カツ丼14,90

Kaisen Poke Don 海鮮ポキ丼

Kaisen Poke Don 海鮮ポキ丼14,90

Oyako-Don 親子丼

Oyako-Don 親子丼12,90

Vegan Tofu Bento

Vegan Tofu Bentobig 11,90 | small 9,90

Vegan Teriyaki Bentobig 12,90 | small 10,90

Sakana Bento

Sakana Bentobig 14,90 | small 12,90

Tori Kara Bentobig 12,90 | small 10,90

Tori Teriyaki Bento

Tori Teriyaki Bentobig 13,90 | small 11,90

Gyu Bento

Gyu Bentobig 13,90 | small 11,90

Buta Bento

Buta Bentobig 12,90 | small 10,90

Tori Kara Combi Bento

Tori Kara Combi Bento15,90

Tori Teriyaki Combi Bento16,90

Gyu Combi Bento16,90

Buta Combi Bento15,90

Matcha Soy-Pudding5,00

EIS (ice cream of your choice)4,50

EIS Mochi4,50


Mango Matcha Cream4,90

Matcha Nuss Schnitte4,90

Matcha Tiramisu5,00

Heineken 0,0 AlkoholfreiFl. 300ml - 5,00

Ramune SodaFl. 200ml - 4,40

Soda ZitroneGl. 300ml - 3,90 | Gl. 500ml - 5,90

Apfelsaft / TraubensaftGl. 300ml - 3,90 | Gl. 500ml - 5,90

Calpis Wasser/ SodaGl. 300ml - 3,90 | Gl. 500ml - 5,90

Mineral WasserGl. 300ml - 3,40

Kaffee Selektion3,90


Premium Sen-cha (green tea)4,40

Kuki-cha (standard green tea)3,90

Genmai-cha (with popped brown rice)3,90

Houji-cha (roasted)3,90

Pokka Green Tee (kalt)4,40

Matcha Soja-Latte (warm)300ml - 4,90

Asahi “Super Dry” BierFl. 300ml - 4,90

Kirin “Ichiban” BierFl. 300ml - 4,90

Kirin “Ichiban” BierD. 500ml - 7,90

Haussake “Kubota”Gl. 80ml - 4,00

Hot Sake “Kubota”Gl. 180ml - 9,00

Haussake “Kubota”Fl. 750ml - 25,00

Premium Sake Dassai (Dai-Ginjo)Gl. 80ml - 6,90

Premium Sake Dassai (Dai-Ginjo)Fl. 300ml - 23,50

Premium Sake Dassai (Dai-Ginjo)Fl. 750ml - 49,50

Hauswein weiß / rotGl. 125ml - 4,90

Grüner Veltliner, RieslingFl. 750ml - 29,50

Cabernet-Sauvignon, ZweigeltFl. 750ml - 29,50

Spumante Extra DryFl. 750ml - 25,00

Yuzu LiquorGl. 80ml - 4,90

Ume Pflaume LiquorGl. 80ml - 4,90

A = Gluten  |  C = Eier / Egg  |  D = Fisch / Fish  |  F = Sojabohnen / Soy Beans  |  N = Sesam

No MSG, No Additives, No Preservatives

We also sell  Japanese Food products as well as Art & Culture.

We have sourced high quality products not only from Japan but also from Austria/EU and China/Korea. We offer the same condiments, ingredients, grains, etc. as we actually use for our professional cooking.  Additionally, we offer Japanese cooking lessons.

Moreover,  we have Japanese Hanga (=wood print) Art, Furoshiki (wrapping cloth) and Bento Boxes on sale.

Learn cooking authentic Japanese cuisine with...

TAYA Cooking Class – たや料理教室

RAMEN Cooking by group lesson (group of 5+ pax)

Learn how to make your favorite soup and toppings with supermarket ingredients, so that you can create your own Ramen anytime at home. 

Broth (whole chicken, minced meet, and veggies) + beef bones option

Tare = Sauce (Shoyu=soy sauce) Kombu 

Aroma oil: chicken oil with garlic, green onion, ginger, + spicy chili option 

Toppings: boiled chicken breast, boiled egg, minced meat, mushroom sauté, bamboo shoots, carrot rapees, etc. 

*Three types of Noodles (ready-made) to be provided 

+ ChickenThigh and Brest to be cooked as side dishes 

Souvenir: Tare, Soup & Toppings 

We are sorry that we don’t provide vegan option on this lesson. 

 ① Best Ramen Cooking at Home in 4 hours ② Lecture/ Tasting/ Hands-on Practice ③ Lunch & Souvenir

to be conducted only in English by Taya’s Chef, Naotaka.

Price: 90€ per person for a group of 5 or more
Dates: tbd  Please request a date to


Vegan/Non-Vegan alike① Natural Cooking (no MSG) in 3.5 hours ② Lecture/ Tasting/ Hands-on Practice ③ Lunch & Souvenir

to be conducted in English by Taya’s Chef, Naotaka.

① We serve both Vegan and Non-Vegans in our class by cooking separately. Both can learn equally in their own way by excluding/including the meat and fish.

② We use no artificial preservatives/additives/flavors but natural ingredients.

③ The class is a mixed style of lecture, demo, hands-on practice & a lot of tastings as well as questions & answers.

Price: 90€ per person for a group of 5 or more
Dates: 20/11 Sunday from 11:00 to 14:30
Please request a date via email to

Learn cooking from real Japanese chef and Taya’s Owner Mr. Naotaka

Our Goal is to spread healthy Japanese cuisine and make more people smile  ( ◠‿◠ )

Naotaka Furuta
Chef & Co-Owner

Encounter with Japanese „Umami“ taste at Taya

  • Perfectly Balanced Meals
  • Cooked with Traditional Condiments and Natural Broth from Mushroom & Kombu Kelp; MSG-free
  • Japanese Cooking Class for beginners

Being Eco-Friendly aiming SDGs

  • Recyclable Pulp-based Containers
  • SKOONU meal containers sharing service
  • Bento Boxes and Furoshiki (wrapping cloth) on sale to reduce the waste

Miso Soup as Perfect Soup

  • Miso (Protein/Mineral/Fat/Vitamins/Carbohydrate)
  • Seaweed (Mineral/Dietary Fiber)
  • Tofu (Protein/Fat/Iron/Calcium)
  • Veggies (Vitamins/Minerals)

Vegan & Non-Vegans alike; free from Gluten or Lactose

  • Vegan Dishes in every category
  • Gluten-free options over 20 dishes

Bento as Perfect Meal

  • Rice with Mixed Grains (Carbohydrates)
  • Warm & Cold Vegetables (Vitamins/Minerals)
  • Tofu, Fish or Meat (Protein/Minerals/Fats)
Taya Washoku Deli
Taborstraße 65, 1020 Wien
01 / 212 9769
0660 392 8881

Opening hours
Mon + Sun & Public Holidays : closed
Tue – Sat: 12:00 – 15:00 // 17:00 – 20:30 (kitchen close at 20:00)